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"Garrett Increased My Sales By 1,037%..."

Hi, Garrett Strong a.k.a. "The Conversion Freak" here...

Are you looking to hire a marketing copywriter, and sales funnel expert who can take your business to the next level by quickly bringing you a FLOOD of new leads, sales and referrals?

If so, the first thing you'll want to know before hiring a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist is proof that they know what they're doing...

How do you do that?

Simple. Start by looking at the results they've gotten their clients, then check out some of their completed work. Click here to see my copywriting portfolio.

Results I've Gotten My Clients

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Tom Lascola

“Garrett Increased Our Monthly Newsletter Signup Sales By 1,650%!

“Wow, Garrett has done it again! This was the 5th project we’ve thrown at Garrett and he was able to increase our monthly newsletter signup sales by 1,650%. Best of all, we will continue to make this every month for the forseeable future. If you need more leads, more sales, or more referrals then contact Garrett today. He has yet to let us down.”

Tom Lascola
Ron Demara

Garrett Increased Our Email Optins By 137%!

“Before we hired Garrett, we were seeing a .48% email optin rate. He absolutely shocked us all when he delivered us a 137% increase in optins! Hire him, you can’t afford not to!

Ron Demara
Eddie Bauer Jr.

“*Oh My! This copy is excellent… Man I am super impressed!”

Eddie Bauer Jr. Sikk Shades
Ray Karpuska

*Garrett, I’m KILLING it with the Facebook ads you wrote!

Ray Karpuska
Jasmine Kang

“*Great sales copy! Garrett made good suggestions that were constructive…”

Jasmine Kang Skinlycious
Clint Cooper

*Garrett is a Top-Notch Copywriter! He’s also friendly, honest, super fast and reliable. It’s easy to see why most of his work comes from referrals. We certainly plan on working with him again asap.

Clint Cooper
Eric Harris

*Hi Garrett,

Just wanted to let you know some initial data from the “short form” email copy you wrote for us. The email is sent out automatically to un-sold clients who call in.

We’re seeing just over 29% conversion rates (form fills) on the click-thrus from this email since the start of last week.
We are definitely seeing sales from your copy.

Eric Harris
Digital Creative Director

Eric Harris Direct Media Power

Where Are You Now?

Here’s A Partial List Of Clients I've Written For:

  • Ray Karpuska - (Does animation videos for Dan Kennedy, Mike Koenigs, Russel Brunson, and many more)
  • Skinlycious
  • La Paloma Gold Inc.
  • NES Health
  • Eddie Bauer Jr. (
  • Bloomfire
  • Blue Star Payment Solutions
  • BMI Weight Loss
  • MIST Weight Loss Surgery
  • LHI Interior Designer
  • George Street Photo
  • Ken Christian
  • Milestone Builders
  • Kyani
  • South Beach Smoke
  • Vysk
  • MOGL
  • And many more

My Home Office Where I Spend Most Of My Time Writing For Clients (The walls are covered with copywriting notes, tricks, and techniques.) Home Office You may be frustrated and angry that the current sales copy you have isn't converting, or maybe you're just pissed off because someone who claimed to be a "copywriter" didn't deliver on their promise of results. Either way, know this...

Your Sales Copy Can Easily Be Fixed So You Get A Flood Of New Leads, Sales, & Referrals...

As a direct response copywriter, online marketing strategist, conversion rate optimizer, and direct marketing expert by trade, what makes my approach so unique is that I'm also a conversion rate optimizer...

This powerful marketing arsenal I carry with me at all times allows me to create massively successful campaigns that bring in a windfall of profits for my clients...

I love marketing products and services online, and many companies have trusted me to write the high-converting sales copy that their own staff couldn't do...

But you might be wondering…

“What Makes Me Qualified To Help You Boost Your Sales And Grow Your Business?"

To start with, I'm a graduate of the most prestigious direct response copywriting program on the planet, (American Writers And Artists).

I've written and worked for some of the most respected ad agencies in the U.S., have served as the “go-to” sales copywriter to “Super Affiliate” Jason Akatiff, who makes a generous $70 million/year with his advertising agency

And I've served as the in-house conversion rate optimizer for the leading pay for performance ad agency in Austin, TX, often producing sales copy that their clients raved about for weeks.

Does that mean that every campaign I write is a home run and makes the business owner rich? No, but there isn't a copywriter out there who can guarantee MASSIVE success every time...

That's why I test different headlines, offers, landing page copy, etc until it converts...

To name a few campaigns I specialize in, I write...

  •     Direct mail campaigns
  •     Product Launches
  •     90 Second Video Scripts (Explainer Video)
  •     Sales letters
  •     Video sales letters
  •     Stick Letters
  •     Referral Campaigns
  •     Webinars
  •     Email Marketing
  •     Web Pages
  •     Entire Website Writing
  •     Full sales funnels
  •     Upsell Pages
  •     Downsell Pages
  •     Display Ads
  •     Adwords Ads
  •     Adwords Landing Pages
  •     And much more

Click here to see my portfolio. Call me at (512) 913-9858 or click here now for a quote. I’m excited to help you with your direct response copywriting and marketing needs... That's not all I do however... I also provide several other profit-boosting services such as...

  •  Website critiques. I will closely analyze your sales page, landing page, series of web pages, etc. and give you advice on copy and conversion optimization changes that will boost your sales. Obviously, I won't re-write your page (that's for my copywriting service), but I will give you headline, copy, and conversion suggestions that could have a dramatic impact on your conversions.
  • Coaching. I provide coaching services for online business owners who want to learn how to build and grow their business online. Clients all have different needs from help with creating an offer, building out their sales funnel, and automating the entire process. This is where one-on-one coaching with me can help you.
  • Sales Funnel Strategist. Don't yet have a sales funnel ? No problem. Hire me to help you get one in place. We'll work together on a plan of action, and I'll walk you through step-by-step how to build a sales funnel that brings in floods of new customers.

But before you do anything it's essential that you know...

The Difference Between Direct Response Copywriters and "Copywriters"...

It's all about the skill set they carry...

If they claim to be just a copywriter, their skills likely don't include marketing a business. Often times these copywriters just write articles or blog posts and have never been involved with building a business.

They haven't studied the psychology behind why people buy, and how to push mental triggers in people that make them pull out their wallet. Heck, many of them don't know what a sales funnel is!

If you've paid one of these copywriters before, yet didn't get the results you thought you would, chances are you hired someone who didn't have the experience you need.

You need someone who has studied the great marketing geniuses like Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Mark Ford, and many more...

Call or text me at (512) 913-9858 or click here now for a quote, or contact me via Skype.

My Skype name is Garrettlst.

I’m excited to help you with your direct response copywriting and marketing needs...

5 Reasons Why My Copywriting Service Can Boost Your Profits and Give You More Peace Of Mind With Your Business...

  1. I Provide Proven Copy That Converts. I've got a proven track-record of using the latest and most persuasive direct response copywriting techniques in my copy that get you results. Whether it's more leads or more sales, my copy boosts profits.
  2. I Become Part Of Your Team. When you hire me for your direct response copywriting needs, just know that you're not just another business to me. I create a partnership with every client I take on, which results in you getting exactly what you want while giving you more satisfaction. I build long-term relationships.
  3. I Love Testing. No campaign is ever complete without testing. Tweaking headlines, offers, calls to action and more can have a HUGE impact on your conversions. I always provide my clients multiple headlines and lead ins to test.
  4. Proven Marketing Knowledge. I've spent 8 years honing my marketing and copywriting craft, as well as building several online businesses in the process. What does that mean for you? You're not getting just a copywriter. You're getting a die-hard marketing strategist who knows how to write copy that converts.
  5. I keep you updated. I won't keep you in the dark about your project. I know how that can feel, so I make it a point to communicate with you closely. You're important to me so why would I take that for granted.

I Only Work With About 65% Of The Clients Who Contact Me For Copywriting Services…

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help you. I do, but I want to make sure we’re a good fit…

In fact, I make it a point to always give my potential clients some simple and helpful advice during our consultation… even if we decide not to work together… But, it simply isn’t in your best interest or my best interest to work together if we don’t fit correctly. But, know this…

You get what you pay for when it comes to copy writers. A good one isn’t cheap, but what I can create for you when we do work together can easily earn you 10 to 100 times your investment…

"Why Good Direct Response Copywriters Are Paid So Well…"

Many of the highest paid copywriters charge up to $70,000 just to write one letter.


Because the companies paying for it will mail that letter again and again, possibly making tens of millions of dollars off that one letter. They know the value direct response copywriters provide, so they have no problem paying the fees…

However, I don’t charge close to that amount to write a winning sales campaign. Not even $10,000, not even $5,000…

When we talk, we’ll go over your business goals, your copy goals, and your marketing strategy so we can come up with the best way to meet your needs.

Click here or call 512-913-9858 to sign up for a FREE 30-minute copy writing consultation with me.

To boosting your profits,

Garrett "The Conversion Freak" Strong

My Name Cursive

Direct Response Copywriter

P.S. Download my free report How To Hire A Copywriter Without Getting Scammed. It could save you tons of frustration.

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"*Oh My! This copy is excellent... Man I am super impressed!"

Eddie Bauer Jr.
Sikk Shades

*Results may vary from person to person.