67 Kick-Ass Conversion Optimization Strategies To Optimize Your Sales Funnel [Part 7 of 7]

In part 7 of this blog post series on 67 kick ass conversion optimization strategies to optimize your sales funnel you’ll discover how to agitate your reader, the common enemy in copywriting, letting your prospect decide if they’re a good fit, and much more.

If you haven’t yet read part 1 in this series, then go there now to get caught up. There are strategies I promise you won’t want to miss.

To introduce myself again, my name is Garrett Strong.

I’m a direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, sales funnel consultant, and I also do website critiques to improve sales conversions. I help companies uncover hidden CRO profit centers in their business… but I can make claims all day long. Most people have a B.S. radar and I do to. So, let me tell you some results I’ve gotten my clients using these exact same strategies I’m about to share with you.

Using these strategies I’m about to share with you, I have seen these types of results:

  • A 1,650% increase in immediate optin sales for integrativehealthcare .org
  • A revenue increase of 509% for makemoneywelding.com  in just one month
  • A 137% increase in optins for liversupport.com. You can see more of my results on my homepage

I’m telling you this because I have gotten incredible results for myself and my clients, and you can too when you apply these strategies.

Strategies To Optimize Your Sales Funnel 61: Agitate Them Until It Hurts

I hit on this before, but it’s worth repeating. People buy for emotional reasons, and they justify their purchase with logic.

So, to get them emotionally involved in your marketing message you should strive to agitate the current problem they have. People tend to be lazy when it comes time to dealing with their problems.

And if you leave it up to the prospect to act, usually they will procrastinate.

For me, it’s the dentist I always procrastinate on.

So, in order to get them to stop procrastinating and act today (to buy your back pain cure, to buy your income system that could transform their future, etc.) you must get them emotionally involved to the point they’re ready to act.

Make them imagine how bad their life will be 5 years down the road if they don’t act now. Make them see how amazing their life could be if they could just stop procrastinating and do something now.

I call this “knife twist marketing” because you’re essentially talking about the problem they already have, and then twisting the knife so that it hurts to the point of taking action.

62. Talk So A 4th Grader Can Understand

The worst thing you can do when marketing is try to make yourself sound esteemed. Using all the “hotty totty” language that you’ll find in a Princeton textbook is a good way to push people away.

Talk like people talk.

Do you think when people are hanging out at a bar or restaurant they’re saying to each other “When I navigate this bounty of nachos on my plate, it makes me feel splendid.”

Of course not. They’re probably saying “Mmm, these nachos are freaking delicious!”

So, in your sales letter don’t try to come across as being smarter or more distinguished than your reader. Remember, they don’t care how smart you are.

All they care about is getting their needs met.

You always want to write using language that a 4th grader wouldn’t have a problem understanding, because the truth is that there are a lot of people out there who still think like a 4th grader.

So, if you want to resonate with your readers, imagine yourself sitting on a bar stool and having a conversation with your prospect.

63. Bringing Prospects Closer To The Sale

Would you prefer to buy from a guy who pulled out their wallet and showed you a picture of his newborn baby and wife? Or, would you prefer to buy from someone you didn’t feel a connection with?

Creating intimacy brings people closer to you, and it makes them feel like you’re on the same team. I’ll repeat it again. Your challenge is to get people to warm up to you before you try to sell them.

People will not buy from those they don’t know, like, and trust.

The way you get people to trust you is showing them you follow through on your word, and that you’re just like them.

If you have pictures of pets, a family at home, or vacation photos you’d like to share, do it! I guarantee people will bond with you immediately when you show them that you’re just like they are. Reveal a flaw or two about yourself, too.

If you’re successful at training dogs, and you’re selling a course on how to train your dog, you’d want to say something like:

“I wasn’t always successful at training dogs. In fact, my friends used to make fun of me because I couldn’t even make my own dog sit. That was then, this is now.”

Revealing a flaw or two about you and your product makes people see that you’re human. You want to come off as someone just like them, so they can believe that they can be successful too.

64. The Common Enemy

Great stories and movies all have one thing in common. There’s a challenging obstacle the character must overcome, or there’s some sort of enemy trying to keep the character down.

It’s this struggle that makes good movies and books so compelling.

In the movie Star Wars, Luke Skywalker’s enemy is Darth Vader. It’s the classic battle of good vs. evil.

In The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen fights against the government who’s trying to impoverish and enslave the people.

Whatever you’re selling, try identify a common enemy that’s trying to keep people from solving their problem, and say it in a story format.

For example:

When I had my business CurePanicFast.com, I helped people overcome panic attacks. For people who suffer from panic attacks, it’s a deep dark hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. There’s no easy way out, but if you learn the right coping skills it’s pretty easy.

However, the pharmaceutical companies would try to make you believe that if you just take one of their pills, all will be good and well.

That’s a complete and total lie meant to get you to buy prescription drugs. So, in my sales letter I talked about how the pharmaceutical companies are conspiring to get you hooked on drugs, rather than dealing with the real problem.

So, needless to say the pharmaceutical company was the common enemy.

65. Let Them Decide

This trick will save you years of frustration when trying to sell your products and services. Remember that you never really sell anyone anything.

You simply help them make the decision to buy all on their own.

You can’t convince people to buy something, but if you give them enough logical reasons (testimonials, proof factors, etc) then they’ll make that decision all by themselves.

I see people make this mistake all the time.

They tell people why they should buy, but they don’t give people enough logical reasons to convince themselves why they should buy.

Your customer should be able to run home to his wife and justify, with many different reasons, why purchasing your product was the smartest decision they’ve ever made.

Imagine them saying:

“I just bought this course on how to make $10,000 per month in 60 days or less. Now before you go calling me crazy, there’s a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

Plus, you should see all the other successful people who bought this guy’s course. The amount of stuff I’m getting far outweighs what I paid for it, and I’m lucky because I just barely got in since he ended the offer today. I feel really good about this, and I really don’t have anything to lose by purchasing it”

66. Provide Them A System Or Blueprint

In my online welding training business, I get angry emails from people every now and then, and they read something like this:

“Why should I pay for your video trainings when I can go to Youtube and watch videos to learn the same thing?”

I always write back with the same response.

“If that’s what you’d like to do, then feel free to watch videos on Youtube. But, if you want a step-by-step system that takes you from a beginner to an expert in very little time, then my videos are perfect for that. Don’t feel like you have to buy my system.”

The funny thing is, people actually take the time to email me and ask me that rather than just going to Youtube and watching the videos. What they’re really upset about is the fact that they don’t want to pay for a “system” that they really want.

Packaged information sells. Anyone can go to Youtube to watch a video, but if they want a step-by-step system with training modules, then they buy my course.

This is true in any industry. People are hard wired to desire done-for-you systems that take all the “work” out of learning on your own.

Plus, I don’t fret over those angry people because they’re not going to buy from me anyways.

67. Always Congratulate Your Reader For Taking An Action

People love to know they’ve made a good decision, so congratulate them when they’ve bought your product, opted in, made a referral, etc.

There’s no better way to combat buyer’s remorse than to tell someone what a good move they have made by taking action, and reselling them on the benefits they will get by taking the action.

I do this on every upsell page, and on every optin thank you page because it helps more than you know.

Again, this is giving people a reason to “stay the course” and remain motivated. This will result in many benefits for the back end sales of your business.

Congratulations, You Made It!

What does this mean for you?

It means that you now have access to something far more powerful that could transform your business, and double or even triple your sales in a matter of weeks.

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten what I promised you earlier.

Well, allow me to elaborate.

The #1 reason that most businesses fail, whether it’s online or offline, is because the business doesn’t differentiate itself.

I guess what I should say is the business owner fails at presenting his/her business as unique. It’s not enough to just create a great product, you also need to research your competition and offer the market something 100% unique if possible. (This can be done with price, your guarantee, what your product does, etc)

Create something that people will look at and say “holy crap, I have to have that right FREAKIN now!”

Having a unique selling proposition is the most important factor in whether your business succeeds or fails, other than picking the right niche.

That’s why I want to give you free access to the USP Formula.

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Garrett “The Conversion Freak” Strong

If you need help with your sales copy, marketing strategy, sales funnel consulting, or business growth strategies, that’s what I do for a living. I help companies grow to exponential levels, and in certain circumstances I do it on a pay-for-performance basis. Contact me here or download my free report “How To Hire A Copywriter Without Getting Scammed”.

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