67 Kick-Ass Conversion Optimization Tricks [Part 6 of 7]

Moving on in our blog post series on 67 Kick Ass Conversion Optimization Tricks, in part 6 you’re going to learn about why you should always enter the conversation happening in your customer’s mind, the cat and the mouse, 20 words to supercharge any headline, and much more.

If you haven’t yet read part 1 in this series, then go there now to get caught up. There are strategies I promise you won’t want to miss.

To introduce myself again, my name is Garrett Strong.

I’m a direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, sales funnel consultant, and I also do website critiques to improve sales conversions. I help companies uncover hidden CRO profit centers in their business… but I can make claims all day long. Most people have a B.S. radar and I do to. So, let me tell you some results I’ve gotten my clients using these exact same strategies I’m about to share with you.

Using these strategies I’m about to share with you, I have seen these types of results:

  • A 1,650% increase in immediate optin sales for integrativehealthcare .org
  • A revenue increase of 509% for makemoneywelding.com  in just one month
  • A 137% increase in optins for liversupport.com. You can see more of my results on my homepage

I’m telling you this because I have gotten incredible results for myself and my clients, and you can too when you apply these strategies.

Conversion Optimization Trick 51: Hero’s Journey

Going back to storytelling in your marketing for just a second, the hero’s journey is the basis of many good stories. This is the same story line that Hollywood script writers use to make their movies so compelling, and it works great to write compelling sales copy.

To tell a story in your sales copy, you want to start out by telling the readers that you’re a normal guy just like them who suffered for years with problem X.

It got so bad that your life was miserable (talk about your low point). Talk about the common enemy and all the things holding you back from solving your problem.

Then one day you finally made the decision to figure this out once and for all.

You searched and searched for answers, reading every book you could get your hands on to solve problem X. What you discovered along the way still amazes you, and it allowed you to develop a simple 5 step system to solve problem X.

That’s one way to write a Hero’s Journey story to sell your product.

Doing this brings people closer to you, and gets them on your side because “hey, he’s just like me.” You DO NOT want to come off as someone who people can’t relate to. I see this often. People think it’s better to position themselves as this larger than life successful person, but the truth is that people want to relate to you.

If you come off as someone people can’t relate to then people will lose interest. Your goal should be to make people say “This guy knows me. This guy knows my problems, and what I’m going through. I feel close to this guy already.” The only difference is that you have figured out a solution to solve their problem that they haven’t figured out.

52. Enter The Conversation Happening In The Prospect’s Mind

Back to the problem, agitate, solution, formula and why it works so well.

The reason it works so well is because you’re entering the conversation that’s already happening in your prospect or customers mind when you start with the problem.

Here’s an example:

“Are you sick of paying high prices for over rated Italian food that doesn’t leave you satisfied? Do you want a dining experience that won’t leave you feeling guilty about the money you spent, and that serves the best home cooked Italian food this side of the Mississippi? Here at Mimi’s we’ll serve you hot, fresh Italian food that’s home cooked with our special blend of herbs and spices, just like Mama used to make it, and we won’t leave you hungry or broke!”

Your prospects have a problem going on in their minds, and it’s your job to identify that problem and then solve it.

They could care less about you, how many degrees you have, how many letters you have behind your name, or anything else about you for that matter.

They care about themselves, and very deeply at that.

Don’t believe me?

Walk around with crippling arthritis for a week and your only thought will be “How do I get rid of my arthritis?”

This is the conversation they’re having on a daily basis, so enter that conversation by talking about them and their problem, and not by doing what most corporate idiots do with generic statements like:

“Acme Corporation strives to improve our customer’s experience by committing to our core values….”

Bull shit!

They’re talking about themselves, and people care about their own problems first and foremost. You won’t do yourself any favors by focusing on you. Focus on their problem, and helping them solve it.

53. Understand The Prospect Better Than Anyone Else

If you really want people to fall down at your feet and buy your products and services, then show people that you understand their problem better than they do.

Richard Simmons, the guy who sold workout videos to millions of overweight women, did just this.

In his videos and commercials women would fall down sobbing because they finally felt like someone knew what they were going through and would show them the way out.

Whether or not they followed through with the weight loss is unknown, but that’s the amazing thing, and it’s why people buy on emotion.

Imagine a woman who has struggled to keep the weight off for years, and a Richard Simmons commercial came on TV.

It’s like he’s there putting a hand on her shoulder and saying “It’s ok. I understand what you’re going through, and I can show you the way out.”

It doesn’t matter that the failure rate of a lot of these women, and men for that matter, is so high. It’s the emotional connection they have with the product, and it’s the idea of losing weight that makes it so damn appealing.

The truth is, most people buy a workout dvd only to put it on the shelf.

Just the act of making that purchase makes them feel good about themselves, even if they never lose the weight. It’s like Eben Pagan used to say. “People don’t want to know what to eat to lose weight. People want to know what to order when they’re at Krispy Kreme that has the least fat.”

54. Copy Clichés

One of the clichés I always try to avoid is “It works like gangbusters”.

I don’t know who said it first, but I remember Jeff Walker saying it in his Product Launch Formula course back in 2009, and ever since then I’ve noticed how many people say it now.

Jeff might have been the one who popularized it, but you end up sounding like everyone else when you start saying it, too. And the fastest way to ensure you’re not successful at making money in an entrepreneurial endeavor is to be a blind follower.

When you look at the masses of followers doing what other people are doing just because, your best bet is to always do the exact opposite.

Here’s why.

When I wrote for the A4D.com and Saleamp as a copywriter and conversion rate optimizer, I saw clients doing the same thing everyone else was doing. It’s like a disease where they can’t think outside of the box, so they blindly follow other companies who don’t know what they’re doing as well.

So, it just becomes a mass of followers whose marketing stinks to high heavens because they’ve been led by the blind.

While you should always emulate great marketing, you should do it with your own style that clearly sets you apart from every other Joe Blow out there.

55. The Cat And The Mouse

I learned this idea from marketer Dean Jackson, and it’s very effective at keeping your prospects from being scared off by your sales message.

The reason why mice are so often used in lab experiments is because mice have brains that work very similar to human brains. What I mean is that a mouse (like a human) has 2 goals: Seek pleasure and avoid pain.

In this example, the mouse wants 2 things…

He wants to get cheese (pleasure) while avoiding the cat (pain).

So in your marketing you want to do everything you can to avoid appearing like the cat. A good example is to avoid appearing like a used car salesman.

So, in your sales letter you never want to reveal you’re trying to sell anything until you’ve gotten you prospect emotionally involved and committed. Otherwise, they’ll just simply hit the back button in their web browser, or toss the sales letter in the trash.

Remember, they want cheese. They want someone to come along and tell them, in a believable way, that they can solve their specific problem. And… they want proof to back it up.

They don’t want a sleazy salesman who just wants to take their money. They’ve been cheated too many times, and they’re skeptical of everyone who might make them a big promise. So give them what they want.

Don’t appear like the cat and you’ll gain their trust. They won’t buy from you until you do.

If you haven’t yet listened to the I Love Marketing podcast, it’s the best marketing podcast I’ve ever heard, and it’s hosted by the 2 marketing geniuses Joe Polish and Dean Jackson.

This is a must if you’re a marketer or business owner looking to grow.

56. Be Repetitive In Your Marketing

I talk about this in my “Checkout Page Conversion Cheat Sheet”, but be repetitive in your marketing. When you reveal your product and your offer on your sales page, make it a point to restate what they will get at the end of the letter.

Restate the offer again on your checkout page.

Restate the price and the guarantee, too. Even before sending them over to your sales page, make it a point to tell prospects that you have this really cool offer you want to tell them about, and then give them some features and benefits right there in the email.

57. Colors That Convert

In his book Cashvertising, Drew Whitman talks about the color studies that have been done that boost conversions.

He lays out the top converting colors that have been proven to increase conversions. Keep these colors in mind when you’re designing your website and sales page.

  1. Blue is a trust color, which is why news stations use it as a background color so often.
  2. Blue and yellow are the most preferred color combinations, which is why my own website header is blue and yellow.

58. Anticipate Questions

This goes back to answering objections. When you’re writing you should try to predict what questions people will be asking when they read your copy.

It’s EXTREMELY important because if someone is reading and they say to themselves “yeah right, this guy if full of shit. He claims to be able to help me, but I guarantee you it’s another scam” and you don’t answer this objection, then you’ve lost the sale.

This is the conversation he’s most likely having because he’s been scammed so many times, he’s lost any trust he might have had before.

Think of your prospect as a dog who’s been abused. He initially won’t trust you when you try to pet him, but when you bring him some food and slowly gain his trust, then you’re able to pet him.

Up until that point, he’s learned to mistrust people.

Make it a point to tell your prospects:

“Hey, I understand you might think this deal is too good to be true. You’ve likely been ripped off by others making big claims that don’t deliver, but I want you to know if at any time you don’t feel like I delivered on my promise, you can take advantage of my 100% money back guarantee.”

Make it a point to answer the questions that are stirring around in his mind.

59. Make Your Close Count

Your sales letter close is very important, and if you get it right it could boost your sales by 20% to 30%.

Here’s a list of things to include in your sales letter close.

  • Restate the promise
  • Talk about the benefits again
  • Restate your unique selling proposition
  • Restate your offer
  • Give them reasons they can use to rationalize the purchase
  • Tell them about your guarantee
  • Add an unexpected bonus
  • Make your product such an urgent buy that they jump out of bed at 3 am and make the purchase

60. 20 Words To Supercharge Any Headline

Use this list of 20 powerful words to supercharge your headlines. These words have been proven over and over again to boost conversions.

  1. Discover
  2. Easy
  3. Free
  4. New
  5. Proven
  6. Save
  7. Results
  8. It’s Here
  9. Introducing
  10. At Last
  11. Guarantee
  12. Bargain
  13. Last Chance
  14. Quick
  15. Sale
  16. Why
  17. How To
  18. Just Arrived
  19. Now
  20. Announcing

If you need help with your sales copy, marketing strategy, sales funnel consulting, or business growth strategies, that’s what I do for a living. I help companies grow to exponential levels, and in certain circumstances I do it on a pay-for-performance basis. Contact me here or download my free report “How To Hire A Copywriter Without Getting Scammed”.

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