67 Kick-Ass Conversion Strategies To Grow Your Sales [5 of 7]

In part 5 of the 67 kick ass conversion strategies to grow your sales, you’re going to discover why you need a USP to differentiate yourself from the pack, why you need to name your marketing concepts, the importance of upselling, and copywriting emotions that work to whip your prospects into a frenzy.

If you haven’t yet read part 1 in this series, then go there now to get caught up. There are strategies I promise you won’t want to miss.

To introduce myself again, my name is Garrett Strong.

I’m a direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, sales funnel consultant, and I also do website critiques to improve sales conversions. I help companies uncover hidden profit centers in their business… but I can make claims all day long. Most people have a B.S. radar and I do to. So, let me tell you some results I’ve gotten my clients using these exact same strategies I’m about to share with you.

Using these strategies I’m about to share with you, I have seen these types of results:

  • A 1,650% increase in immediate optin sales for integrativehealthcare .org
  • A revenue increase of 509% for makemoneywelding.com  in just one month
  • A 137% increase in optins for liversupport.com. You can see more of my results on my homepage

When you read this entire blog post series, and apply these conversion optimization strategies, I guarantee you’ll see a sizeable boost in your sales.

Conversion Strategy 41: Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Essentially, a USP is what makes your business or product unique in the marketplace. Without a unique positioning you are just a commodity in the market. When you’re a commodity you end up competing on price, and that’s not a good position to be in.

You never want to compete on price. Here are 5 Requirements For A Good USP:

  1. Unique – Makes your prospects drop everything and pay attention. (It must be something that your competitors can’t or won’t offer)
  2. Must Not Be Trivial – Your USP must be very important to the reader, and not be a trivial differentiation.
  3. Outrageously Shocking – It needs to WOW your prospects so much that they feel compelled to share it with others.
  4. Makes a HUGE Promise – Weak promises don’t work, so make your promise over the top BIG at first, and then scale it back if necessary
  5. Leads To An Unbelievable Offer – Your unique offer should be so compelling that your prospects are literally shaking to remove their credit card from their wallet

42. Naming Your Concepts

Whenever you’re building out your product or service, you always want to give your concepts a name.

For example, I have a service called the “8 Hour Sales Funnel”.

If I just told people I’ll help them build their sales funnel from start to finish, it wouldn’t sound nearly as interesting as 8 Hour Sales Funnel.

When I recently wrote a sales letter for a skin care product, I came up with the name “Deep Clean Technology” to describe how the medication works. Then I described the 3 step process that Deep Clean Technology entails.

For a product I own in the welding training niche, I tell them on my sales page that they will…

“Discover my secret horseshoe technique to fill gaps in their metal.”

Creating names for your different techniques and concepts creates curiosity, and it also makes it sound like it’s a proven system if it’s got a name. Use this technique because it could bump your conversions by 10% or even 20%.

43. Borrowed Credibility

In your sales letters and marketing materials, you can dramatically boost your conversions by borrowing credibility from already successful or famous people.

The funny thing is, even if people have never even heard of you or your product before, simply having a picture of a celebrity on your sales page will boost your conversions.

Here’s how I did it for a salary negotiation sales letter I wrote for A4D.com:

44. The Question Method

Asking questions in your marketing communications makes it feel like a 2 way conversation.

So, ask lots of questions.

There’s a sneaky little trick I use when asking questions I want to show you.

You want your prospects to be on your side, right? Well, one way to do that is to get them to agree with you on a topic. If you’re selling them something, you want them to nod their heads in agreement.

So the sneaky little trick is to ask them questions that force them to say yes.

Here’s an example:

“You’re tired of living life with crippling back pain that prevents you from doing what you love, right? And you would probably love it if someone told you they could cure your back pain with a simple 5 minute exercise you do each morning when you get out of bed, right?

45. Pre-Qualify Prospects

When I was helping Ray Karpuska (Raymination.com) write and build the sales funnel for LearningToTrade.co.uk….

…Ray introduced me to something new.

When someone landed on the webinar optin page, before they ever saw the optin form, they were presented with 3 questions…

Question 1: How did you hear about us?

Question 2: Which Forex currency are you trading today?

Question 3: What’s your income goal?

On the surface these might just seem like normal questions, but when you show people the options of “Sky News”, and “The Times” it works to remind them that you’ve been featured at prominent places. Again, it’s social proof.

This works to prequalify prospects while building social proof.

46. The Soap Opera Sequence

I first heard about soap opera sequences from Andre Chaperon.

Essentially, when you write a sequence of emails, rather than make them one off emails, you write them as a “soap opera sequence”.

Let me explain.

If you’ve ever watched the hit TV show Breaking Bad, then you know how addictive it can be.  Every episode leaves you hanging on, just wishing you knew what was coming.

It’s a cliffhanger that opens a loop in your mind, but that loop can’t be closed until you tune in next week. Hollywood script writers are excellent at this.

Think of an email campaign as a soap opera or TV drama. Try to open a loop at the end of each email so they’re forced to open your next email to close that loop you opened.

If you sell a course that helps back pain sufferers, you could end one of your emails by saying:

P.S. “There’s a simple formulation that can be made from household items that if rubbed on your lower back, will give you 3 hours of back pain relief, LITERALLY. I was going to share it with you here, but I think I’ve written enough in today’s email. Be sure and open your email tomorrow and I’ll reveal this “secret” 3 hour back pain remedy.”

47. Upselling And Downselling

The back-end in your business is where the real money is at. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s absolutely true.

Your front end product is only the beginning of your business. There are many more opportunities to sell to your customers, and this is where the profit will come from in your business.

I’ve attached the upsell and downsell diagram I use to build the back-end in my businesses (sorry for the small print).

If you’ll follow this diagram closely, you could skyrocket your profits in a BIG way.

48. The False Close

On your sales page, you want to be conversational.

That’s the way friends talk, and that keeps people’s “selling radar” at a level zero. The moment people start to feel like you’re selling them something, they tend to get resistant.

You and I do the same thing when we’re buying a new car.

We know they’re trying to sell us, and when they use high-pressure tactics we simply want to run the other way. Same thing when in a clothing store when someone runs up and asks “Can I help you find something today?”

Most people say the same thing “No thanks, just looking”.

We know they want to sell us before we even get inside, which is why we all respond immediately with the same thing. Furthermore, they haven’t even provided us any value and they’re already pushing for a sale. This approach sucks, and I feel sorry for anyone making a living like this.

So if you don’t want to come off as being a sleazy salesman, what do you do?

Simple. Don’t ask for a purchase in your close until you’ve shown massive value to your reader, and then when they expect you to sell them in your close, do something they least expect…

Give them another bonus, or another piece of value that they’ll love you for.

See, they’re expecting you to sell them something, but when you finish telling them about the offer give them something unexpected (more value).

This is known as a false close, and it works great at keeping the prospects sales radar at level zero.

49. 10 Copywriting Emotions

Your goal when writing copy is to evoke certain emotions in people so they’ll act in a certain way.

When I wrote a sales letter for the La Paloma gold mine in Mexico to elicit a $10.5 million investment, rather than talk about how great the gold mine was, I talked about how the Dollar could collapse any day now, and those people left holding cash would be destroyed.

Only gold and silver owners would survive such a crash, and owning a percentage of the La Paloma gold mine would secure their wealth in such a circumstance.

Obviously, the emotion I was trying to elicit was fear.

Here’s a snippet of that sales letter below:

Below are 10 of the most common emotions you’ll want to target when writing your copy.

  1. Anger
  2. Guilt
  3. Sadness
  4. Pride
  5. Lust
  6. Passion
  7. Loneliness
  8. Fear
  9. Desperation
  10. Love

50. Lead-Ins That Work

At the risk of sounding lazy, I wanted to show you a few lead-ns I borrowed from John Carlton, only because I think they’re great intros.

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, right?

These are great intros for sales letters and VSL’s. Modify them for your own purposes.

  • Ex. “If you’ve always dreamed of a super-effective diet that’s so easy, it works automatically even when you constantly cheat… then this will be the most exciting letter you ever read.”
  • Ex. If you’d like to get a brand new Porsche 911, for half of what everyone else has to pay (legally)… then you’re going to freak over what I have to share with you here.”
  • Ex. If you’d love to start firing tennis serves at over 110 miles an hour, with the accuracy of a guided missile… then this will be the most life-changing message you have ever read.”

If you need help with your sales copy, marketing strategy, sales funnel consulting, or business growth strategies, that’s what I do for a living. I help companies grow to exponential levels, and in certain circumstances I do it on a pay-for-performance basis. Contact me here or download my free report “How To Hire A Copywriter Without Getting Scammed”.

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