67 Kick-Ass CRO Secrets [Part 3 of 7]

I hope you’re experiencing some mental breakthroughs by learning these cro techniques. In part 3 you’re going to discover the velvet rope technique, how to easily hook your prospects, how to effectively use power words, and so much more.

If you haven’t yet read part 1 in this series, then go there now to get caught up. There are strategies I promise you won’t want to miss.

To introduce myself again, my name is Garrett Strong.

I’m a direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, sales funnel consultant, and I also do website critiques to improve sales conversions. I help companies uncover hidden CRO profit centers in their business… but I can make claims all day long. Most people have a B.S. radar and I do to. So, let me tell you some results I’ve gotten my clients using these exact same strategies I’m about to share with you.

Using these strategies I’m about to share with you, I have seen these types of results:

  • A 1,650% increase in immediate optin sales for integrativehealthcare .org
  • A revenue increase of 509% for makemoneywelding.com  in just one month
  • A 137% increase in optins for liversupport.com. You can see more of my results on my homepage

When you read this entire blog post series, and apply these conversion optimization strategies, I guarantee you’ll see a boost in your sales.

CRO Strategy 21: Use The “Velvet Rope” To Boost Sales By 50%

Using exclusivity is sometimes called the “velvet rope”. Imagine for a second that your product is like a “shiny shirt” night club with lines of people outside waiting to get in.

Yet, the bouncer at the door says no to half of the people. This creates more desire to get in to the club than before they were ever told no. You can and should use this strategy when selling your products and services. You’re essentially playing hard to get.

Here’s What You Should Do

Build up as much value in your product as you can by listing out every single feature and benefit of your product, and every bonus you offer. Make sure you put a value to everything.  Ex. Bonus 1 (Valued at $97, etc.)

Make this seem like an incredible product, and an incredible deal that lasts for a limited time. And just before you’re about to reveal the price, you want to snatch it away from them similar to the night club.

Say something like:

“As much as I’d like to give everyone access to this amazing course, I simply cannot. I only work with people who will do the necessary work to make this course successful for them. It’s not a magic pill solution. So, If you can answer yes to these 3 questions then you are qualified to purchase today. If not, then please don’t bother wasting your time or my time.”

22. “Boy Eats Own Head”… How To Hook Your Prospects

I talked about headlines a little bit earlier, but now I want to show you how to use direct response copywriting secrets to hook your prospects when your business is in a rather boring or unromantic niche.

I’ll use some sample headlines written by John Carlton, a master copywriter, to illustrate how this is done.

John wrote this headline for one of the most “un-sexy” niches you can think of – auto parts. Notice how he makes auto parts interesting with this headline.

“Wife Of Auto Parts Store Owner Swears Under Oath She Did Not Use Sex To Get These Great Deals From Suppliers!”

Talk about interesting and engaging!

It screams “read me”, and it also provides the big benefit of getting “great deals on auto parts”.

If you’re thinking “I can’t possibly run a headline like that for my business”, then you need to re-assess the way people think.

Too many business owner think that people are going to flock to their businesses, and this mindset results in failure. People want things that are NOT ordinary, and that will give them a shock when they read it.

This is called hooking your reader.

This next headline is for carpet cleaning. Again, not such a sexy or interesting niche, but he makes it seem interesting with this headline.

“Local Carpet Cleaner Guarantees To Stop Your Allergies… Or He Will Clean Every Rug In Your House For FREE!”

This headline makes a big promise and provides a guarantee that reverses all the risk to the prospect.

Here are some call to action headlines I wrote for liversupport.com. These were placed at the bottom of their articles to push people to optin for their free report. Feel free to adapt these for your own uses.

How To Eat Your Way To A Happy Liver Again!

Turn Up Your Liver’s Natural Detox Engine

How To Defend Your Liver Against TOXIC PARASITES That Want To Eat It Alive!

Are The Foods You’re Eating Starving Your Liver?

Is It Worth 10 Minutes To You To Detoxify Your Liver?

You Can Make Your Liver Feel As If Time Was Running Backwards!

How To Say Goodbye To Your Toxic Liver!

What Do Doctors Eat To Cure Common Signs Of Liver Disease?

7 Foods That Don’t Just Eliminate Liver Toxins, They DESTROY Them

Turn On Your Liver’s “Detox Furnace”, and Burn Toxins Out Of Your Body!

23. Why You Should Use “Kick-Ass” Power Words To Motivate Your Readers

You’re not going to make your prospects more money, you’re going to FLOOD their bank account with cold hard cash!

You’re not going to help back pain sufferers, you’re going to eliminate their CRIPPLING back pain that’s making their lives a living HELL!

Your product won’t help your prospects protect their phone privacy from bad people. It will shield you from DANGEROUS prying eyes that want to terrorize you and your family!

Power words force your prospects to use visualization.

Here are just a few power words to give you an idea:


24. Modalities and Learning Styles

People have different preferences for how they consume material. Some like to read, some like to watch video, and some like to listen to audio.

It’s important that you appeal to all audiences if possible, not only when presenting content you’ve created for customers, but more importantly when selling to your customers.

This is why the video sales letter has seen so much success. It appeals to all the learning styles while selling. People can watch the words appear on the page while the audio plays along. Some video sales letters go the extra mile and include an artist drawing to bring the words and audio to life.

However, it’s not necessary in order to have a KILLER sales video. So, how would you incorporate modalities into a written sales letter?

Easy. You would simply appeal to the readers’ sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell in your sales copy.

Here’s an example…

  • Sight: Imagine seeing the palm trees and crystal clear water while soaking up the sun on our beach resort.
  • Sound: Imagine hearing your neighbors gossip as you drive by in your new Mercedes Benz.
  • Touch: One touch of the leather wrapped steering wheel and you’ll know you’re touching luxury.
  • Taste: Get ready to take your wife out for a sizzling steak dinner because you’ll be celebrating once you see your bank account.
  • Smell: Can’t you just smell the salty ocean air? That’s what you’ll be doing when you join our timeshare.

25. How To Create Intimacy In Your Marketing To Bond With Prospects

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is to get your prospects to know, like, and trust you. You do this by bringing them into your world.

Too many marketers think that they need to “act” like they know everything, or that they need to be the most knowledgeable in order to gain their prospects trust. This is backwards thinking. What you should be asking yourself is…

  • “How can I come off as more human?”
  • “How can I reveal my flaws?”
  • “How can I get them on my side?”

This is why in sales letters we use the hero’s journey structure. Essentially it’s taking your readers down the path of the failure you experienced, to the point that you became desperate and almost gave up looking for a solution. This bonds your prospects with you because it makes you seem more human.

Your prospects don’t know you, so why would they buy anything from you? But, tell them about your failures, your dogs, your wife, your vacation stories and more, and your trust factor will go through the roof. Once they discover, “hey, he’s just like me…” you can expect your credibility to go way up!

Another way to create intimacy is to include your reader into your special group.

“Heartburn sufferers like us know all too well the pain and discomfort that comes from having a constant fire in your chest.”

Now that they’re on your team, you can create an even stronger bond by placing yourself in opposition to a common enemy.

“Most doctors just don’t know how painful heartburn can be, and so they’re constantly prescribing drugs that just mask the problem, without getting to the root of the cause.”

Creating that bond is extremely important.

26. A Simple Survey To Uncover Your Target Market’s Pain Points

You can’t speak to your market effectively until you know what makes them tick. This is where surveys pay off in dividends.

Here’s a great survey I got from marketing Guru Eben Pagan back in 2008 during his Guru Blueprint course. You can use it to force your prospects to dig deep, and reveal even their most well kept secrets.

  • Question 1: What’s your biggest frustration with [challenge]?
  • Question 2: What have you tried so far that hasn’t worked for you?
  • Question 3: What’s your biggest fear when it comes to [challenge]?
  • Question 4: What worries you – what are you afraid will happen if you don’t do something immediately?
  • Question 5: What would you be willing to do to solve/get [challenge]?
  • Question 6: If you could have one question answered about [challenge], what would it be?

27. Proof Factors, and Why

Testimonials still remain as the #1 proof factor for any business.

I’m still amazed when I come across some websites that brag, and talk about how great their business or product is. I can guarantee you that this approach will hurt your sales more than they will help.

The whole idea behind salesmanship isn’t to say “hey, we’re great, now buy from us.”

The whole idea is to let the prospect decide for themselves if you’re great. Having a 3rd party confirm that you are great at what you do is the best proof you can have. NEVER brag about how great you are. People will see straight through that.

But what if you don’t have any testimonials? Here’s a simple solution.

Ask your friends and family to write a “character testimonial” for you. They could simply talk about how you’re committed to your craft, or if you’ve actually helped them with something then you can have them write a testimonial for you.

Some other proof factors you can use are:

  • Graphs showing stats
  • Before/After photos
  • Certifications
  • Awards
  • Anything fact based that supports your claims (articles, videos from experts, etc.)

28. 5 Checkout Page Tricks To Bump Conversions By 30%

You’ve put in all this work to finally get your prospects to your checkout page. Now it’s make or break time baby!

Remember, be repetitive with everything in your marketing. Restate the guarantee and the offer on your checkout page. Don’t assume they read anything in your sales letter. The only thing you should assume is that they landed on your sales page and immediately clicked the buy now button.

If you offer a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, then restate that on your checkout page.

The goal here is to keep their momentum moving forward. Don’t impede their momentum in any way. Most checkout pages don’t take these extra steps, but it’s a huge mistake that will kill your conversions.

  1. Restate the offer again. Don’t assume they read your offer on the sales page. Give them a brief run-down of what they’ll get and for how much.
  2. Repeat the price they will get for today only. Ex. $297 $97 today only!
  3. Turn your sales page into a step-by-step process by adding a progress bar. Make it say something like “step 2 of 3” so it feels like they aren’t finished in their minds until they complete the purchase.
  4. The goal on your checkout page is to take away all sales resistance and buyer’s anxiety. One way you can do this is with using trust seals.
  5. Another way to take away buyer’s anxiety is to add a testimonial right next to the “complete order” button.

29. Use Product Images To Reduce Buyers’ Anxiety

Selling digital products has both an advantage and a disadvantage.

For example, if you sell an ebook, people tend to price it in their minds before they buy. They think “Well, Barnes and Noble prices their books around $20 to $50.”

This is why you won’t find any ebooks selling for $2,000. However, when you package that ebook with an additional video series and audio interviews, that “packaged” product can sell for a much higher price because people don’t have pre-conceived notions about the price.

People know how to price a book in their minds, but an online course with several different components… not so much.

This is why product images are so important. People can imagine themselves putting a physical book in their shopping cart, and checking out. But, you want them to imagine being able to put an entire course with different videos, interviews, and pdf’s in their cart.

An image makes it real for them, so make sure you have a product showcase image on your sales page and on your checkout page.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy 30: Secrets Of The Dual Readership Path

This is something Dan Kennedy talks a lot about, and it’s called the “Dual Readership Path”.

It’s essentially pointing out that people are skimmers when they read. We’re all skimmers to some degree, but some people skim more than others.

This is why we use cosmetic enhancements like underlining, highlighting, bolding, and CAPS. But I want to show you a visual I got from Digital Marketer that really reveals what your readers see when they hit your page.

As you can see, your readers aren’t stopping to read all your detailed copy, but rather they’re reading the bolded headlines and bolded copy that jumps out at them while they skim. If it’s good copy, then it will bring them into the rest of the body copy.

If you need help with your sales copy, marketing strategy, sales funnel consulting, or business growth strategies, that’s what I do for a living. I help companies grow to exponential levels, and in certain circumstances I do it on a pay-for-performance basis. Contact me here or download my free report “How To Hire A Copywriter Without Getting Scammed”.

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