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FROM: The Desk Of Garrett Strong

LOCATION: My Home Office

Dear Business Owner and Marketer,

If you want to dramatically boost your sales in the fastest time possible, this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's Why.

Over the past 7 years I've spent my time building businesses online and writing direct response sales copy for some of the most successful direct response ad agencies - including writing for super affiliate Jason Akatiff, who's ad agency A4D.com brings in a whopping $70 million per year.

And working as the in-house conversion rate optimizer for Saleamp, in Austin, TX - often writing campaigns for clients such as Eddie Bauer Jr., and marketing expert Mike Weiss...

After working on many client campaigns I made an incredible discovery that works devastatingly well at increasing sales across any industry.

Here's How It Works

When you write landing pages, email campaigns, and sales campaigns day in and day out, you get very good at it.

But writing persuasive sales copy isn't the discovery I want to tell you about.

The discovery I want to tell you about has to do with how I turn complete strangers into hot prospects itching to pull out their credit cards and buy what you have, over and over again.

In my own copywriting business people are amazed to learn that they don't have to do hard selling like they had to do in the past.


Simply because because people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Building this trust before asking for a sale will determine your success or failure, yet 95% of marketers short cut this process.

Hundreds Of Raving Clients Reveal How Powerful This Revenue Generating System Is

Over the past few years I've helped more than 115 clients across 18 different industries win BIG with their campaigns, and their success all comes down to one thing...

I discovered that whatever you're selling in your business, to whatever market you're selling to, there's a simple "fool proof" system that can be followed to transform complete strangers into warm, friendly prospects that will consistently and dependably buy from you.

Imagine you met a new friend.

Did you become friends by talking about yourself the entire time, and how important you are?

Of course not. Nobody wants to be around people who talk about themselves all the time. That person is your new friend because you gave them something they wanted (good feelings, laughter, commonality, understanding, etc)...

That's how you create warm prospects who want to give back to you in the form of money.

In fact, after helping many clients boost their leads and profits, I've been able to...

Uncover A Simple 4-Step Process That Warms Prospects & Produces More Sales

Like any good marketing system, it runs itself after you do some simple setup.

But, although you can use this simple system to quickly grow your business, even if you've just got a business idea at this point...

There's an even more lucrative reason for using this system...

Like I said earlier, most marketers completely ignore this step. I've seen it time and time again when clients think that if they build the business, people will come.

The truth? People will come and buy after you've proven you care about their needs, not yours. Most clients I've worked with have a hard time swallowing this pill, but once the do their sales go through the roof.

The truth is you and I have incredible leverage over all other businesses.


Barely Anyone Knows This Stuff

And the reason why is simple.

People have been brain washed by big ad agencies to "think" that by being funny in their advertising, just like a Super Bowl commercial, then people will buy from you. This has more to do with pleasing the egos of the creators of these ads than it does actual selling.

Plus, those ads are coming from companies with HUGE advertising budgets, and most times the ads effectiveness isn't measurable.

So, the ad could be wasting money without any way of knowing it.

But, small business owners can't afford to throw away their money on ineffective advertising. So, I use a personal approach that's measurable and guaranteed to bring in more sales.

I've kept it a secret until now because my focus has been on building my own businesses and client businesses.

But I Want To Hand You This System For The First Time Ever

If you're wondering "why" I'm doing this I'll reveal that in a second, but first, let me keep going.

I'm not just going to give you a customized business blueprint to grow your online business, but I'm also going to help you implement it.

It's this system, that when implemented correctly, has such a profound impact on sales.

The reason why 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years is because they don't have automated systems in place. This is why the business franchise model has been so successful.

Before the business owner ever rolls out the first franchise, he has to make sure that the business will run itself without him. Systems need to be in place.

For example, a hotel chain has certain systems in place like coming by your room and cleaning, replacing the soap and towels, changing the trash, and leaving a mint on your pillow.

The system is repeatable, and if done right will work like a charm to bring in customers again and again.

I'm going to give you my very own "plug and play" sales funnel system for your online business (although it works great for offline selling, too) and help you implement it.

If you think about it, then you know how incredibly valuable this could be for your business (whatever the industry)... and it's 100% FREE.

If This System Has Helped My Business And Clients, Imagine What It Can Do For You

If you apply what I'm going to show you (and it's simple), then success is almost guaranteed for you.

However, I've seen clients make some of the most bone-headed mistakes by refusing to take my advice, and then they wonder why their business fails to get off the ground.

It's common for business owners who are struggling to already have their minds made up that nothing is going to work for them.

For example, a client I worked with in the interior design niche wanted some email campaigns written.

When I presented him with the finished campaign, he refused to implement it.

I asked him why, and he told me it was because his prospects wouldn't like it. "It won't work", he said.

"How do you know if you've never even run an email campaign", I asked.

I told him my email campaigns had been very successful for other clients, and they would work for him, too. The truth was, he didn't really want to try something new that would help his business.

It was more important for him to please his ego and his way of doing business, which wasn't working by the way.

The result was no new sales. No big surprise, right?

When I first perfected the system I'm going to give you, and I applied it to my own business in the welding training niche, I immediately started converting prospects into customers at 8%.

In fact, that same business has been producing sales for me on autopilot for the past 3 years.

Ok, maybe I answer a few emails now and then.

But I Wasn't Always Good At What I Do

Nope. I will be the first one to tell you that I struggled for years, and was the farthest thing from a success than most people.

I made mistake after mistake, and even spent an entire year building a business in a niche I was making money in, yet hated. I called it a loss and moved on.

I had to elbow my way to get where I am, in order to do what I love.

When I started out, I fell for all the typical tricks that most marketers fall for. I literally believed that I could create a business online with "push button" methods, without doing some work, like a lot of newbies claim you can do.

I actually gave up on marketing just 1 year after I started.

I was being pushed in 1,000 different directions and couldn't focus on anything long enough to make a dent in my business.

Then I came across Dan Kennedy, and my life was changed.

I Grew My Sales By 800% Literally

Lots of people like to make up numbers like that so let me give you the specifics on how I grew my business.

Back in 2008 I wrote a sales letter for my online business in the welding training niche.

If you don't already know, sending cold traffic to a sales letter will convert sales at .5% to 1% if you do a really great job.

My sales letter was converting at around .5%, but once I discovered that I could easily turn prospects into friendly allies who know, like, and trust me my conversion rate exploded to 8% in just days.

The system I used to do that is only known by a very small handful of marketers, but it's what I'm going to give you for free.

It's how I got hired to write and build sales funnels for some of the most successful ad agencies out there.

When I started my own marketing, consulting, and copy writing practice, I made a promise to myself that I would share this simple system.

How I Dramatically Increased One Clients Sales With A Simple Tweak

While it's absolutely true that having a high-converting sales funnel is practically do or die for a business, tweaking the top of the funnel can have the biggest impact.

For example, when I rewrote the landing page for Listen Up Espanol the results were astounding.

Their landing page was dull and the most important piece of content on the page (the headline) didn't speak to the target market.

I mean, look at their headline and tell me if you know what it is they do.

listen_up_espanolConfusing, right?


"What is it that your business does" is all I kept asking myself.

After researching the company I discovered that they're a Spanish speaking call center that helps businesses sell their products and services over the phone.

Now that I knew the target market (direct marketers and business owners), I could speak to that market in the headline.

Here's the page I rewrote for them.

After that I went on to write Eddie Bauer Jr's entirely new Sikk Shades sunglasses website targeted at surfers and snowboarders.

Eddie was blown away by the results he got, and he wrote to say:

"Oh My! This copy is excellent... Man I am super impressed!"

Eddie Bauer Jr. Eddie Bauer Jr.
Sikk Shades

So by now I bet you're wondering...

If This Sales Funnel Blueprint Is So Awesome Why Are You Giving It To Me For Free?

That's a fair question so I'll give you a straight forward answer.

The reason I'm giving you this for free is in large part self serving.

This blueprint is very effective at helping you grow and scale your online business. I know because I've seen it transform businesses that I've worked with.

Once I give it to you, you will want to implement it immediately.

And when this occurs, you'll be faced with 2 different choices:

  • 1

    Do It Yourself

    You can take the 4 step blueprint, come up with your own lead magnet, match it with your tripwire offer, map out your email follow up sequences, figure out how to segment your lists to make your promotions targeted, create your own upsell and downsell offers, craft your own bonus offers, optimize for conversions, and much more.
    And if you decide to do that then I commend you for being so self motivated.

  • 2

    Your Second Choice Is To Work With Me For A Day

    When you do I'll help you craft your entire sales funnel from start to finish. I'll help you craft a lead magnet offer that brings in targeted leads, and turn those leads into customers. I'll help you design your email follow up sequence so leads buy from you again and again.
    I'll help you craft your back-end offers so they complement exactly what your lead magnet and front end products are, then I'll help you get referrals from your happy customers.
    Basically, you're going to walk away with a business model that converts prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans - all in one day.

I call this service the 8 Hour Sales Funnel, and it's reasonably priced.

For just $1,497 you’ll have an entire sales funnel blueprint built specifically for your business.

But let me just address something you’re likely worried about…

This Is Not A Sales Pitch In Disguise

Listen, if you want one-on-one help to design your sales funnel I’d be very happy to help.

However, if not, I won’t try to twist your arm or pressure you with sleazy tactics.

I’m not a used car salesman, so you won’t have to beat me off with a stick. That's not the way I like people to do business with me, so I won't do that to you.

If your sales funnel is already where you want it to be, then you probably don't need my help.

If you're not interested I don't want to waste your time, especially when you could be working on your business.

This entire letter was written as a way to give you the option of growing your business, but it certainly isn't for everyone. But, for those of you who want more sales...

I’m Giving You A Completely Customized Blueprint For Generating More Sales In Your Business

You’ll get the exact success blueprint I’ve used to grow my own business by 800%, and that I’ve used for dozens of clients.

Simply implementing one of the specific strategies I’ll give you is worth way more than I charge for this service.

It's true that you can learn about sales funnels on your own, and probably boost your sales by a large margin doing that. But, my system is proven to work, and you'll save years of trial-and-error.

After providing conversion optimization recommendations for many clients, and writing sales letters, upsell pages, email campaigns, and more...

... I've learned what works and what doesn't when helping clients.

If You Think I Wasted Your Time Or Didn’t Provide You With 10x The Value You Expected I’ll Immediately Give You $20… No Questions Asked!

If you come in with an open mind and are ready to make more money, then there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work for you. If you aren’t happy for any reason I’ll simply give you $20.

Look at it this way.

In a worst case scenario you get paid $20 to spend 30 minutes with me on the phone or Skype, and get a sales funnel blueprint that’s responsible for giving many businesses in most every industry the income they desire.

But in a best case scenario you will take this blueprint I’m going to hand you, implement it, and profit handsomely as a result.


I Only Work With About 70% Of People Who Contact Me

In order to work with me to build your sales funnel, there are some strict (yet mostly reasonable) criteria you must meet.

  1. You must have an existing business or business idea already in mind.

That doesn't mean that your online business should be bringing in sales just yet (although I prefer that because you’ll see results much faster). It just means you should already have a business concept you've been working on.

  1. You must have an email auto-responder already in place…

I require this because if you're not familiar with autoresponders yet, then chances are you aren't at a point where you need my coaching advice. Follow up email campaigns are where the money is at.

  1. You must be open to taking my advice and implementing the strategies.

By refusing to implement my advice you’re saying no to making more money. It’s a simple as that.

Here’s What You Need To Do Now

If you have met the criteria above then I will gladly make time for you in my schedule.

The process is simple.

First you need to complete an application. Don’t worry yourself. It’s quick and will allow me to know what you’re selling, and what your goals are.

I’m also going to ask you for a $10 deposit, but don’t worry.

I could care less about your $10.

I’m simply doing this to weed out the time wasters.

I’ll give it right back to you at the end of our call (unless of course you decide to hire me to build your sales funnel). In that case, we can just subtract it from my fee.

Here’s The Next Step In The Process

Once I have received your $10 deposit, on the next page you will complete the application. Once finished you’ll be prompted to pick a time and date for our 30 minute phone or Skype consultation.

You’ll receive a confirmation email you should keep as a reminder of the date and time you pick for our meeting.

This could be the most valuable 30 minutes you’ve ever had for your business, so be prepared to take some notes. We’ll go over in detail your current business, what you're offering, and what needs to be addressed immediately to give you the fastest results.

Remember, the blueprint we’ll cover is the exact same system I use in my own business, and have used for many clients in all sorts of industries.

And if you also want me to write your landing pages, email campaign, sales letter, upsell & downsell sequences, referral campaigns, and more, great! We can talk about that.

If not, that’s no big deal.

I’ll return your $10 deposit as soon as we get off the call.

WARNING – My Time Is Extremely Limited

Due to the very intense one-on-one time that my 8 hour sales funnel service takes, this opportunity is very limited.

Therefore, I only schedule 1 to 2 clients per week for this service.

Also, since my business offers several different “done-for-you” services, your window of opportunity won’t be open for long.

If you think you qualify and feel good about what I just told you, please click the big yellow button Add To Cart button below, make your $10 refundable deposit, and fill out your application so we can talk soon.


My Name Cursive

Garrett Strong a.k.a. “The Conversion Freak”

P.S. My 8 Hour Sales Funnel service is on a first come, first served basis. I can't guarantee you a spot if you wait.

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