Can A Small Town Copy Writer Living In Austin, TX Really Skyrocket Your Sales & Grow Your Business Fast?

IMG_0360Hi, Garrett Strong a.k.a. "The Conversion Freak" here...

I'm a direct response copywriter, online marketing strategist, and sales funnel expert living in Austin, TX.

I've written and strategized for many different ad agencies including and the leading pay for performance ad agency here in Austin, TX.

I've helped well over 70 clients grow their businesses through my copy writing and marketing services.

Just one of the many clients I've helped is When they contacted me for help they were seeing a measly $400/month off of their 10% off optin coupon. I completely turned this around and started making the company $7,000/month with a new front end sales funnel offer.

"Garrett Increased Our Monthly Newsletter Signup Sales By 1,650%!

"Wow, Garrett has done it again! This was the 5th project we've thrown at Garrett and he was able to increase our monthly newsletter signup sales by 1,650%. Best of all, we will continue to make this every month for the forseeable future. If you need more leads, more sales, or more referrals then contact Garrett today. He has yet to let us down."

Here's How I Help Struggling Online Business Owners Boost Their Sales Exponentially...

I specialize in writing the following...

  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Sales letters
  •     Video sales letters
  •     Stick Letters
  •     Referral Campaigns
  •     Webinars
  •     Email Marketing
  •     Web Pages
  •     Entire Website Writing
  •     Full sales funnels
  •     Upsell Pages
  •     Downsell Pages
  •     Display Ads
  •     Adwords Ads
  •     Adwords Landing Pages
  •     And much more

Click here to see my copy writing portfolio.

Call me at 512-913-9858 or click here now for a quote. I’m excited to help you with your direct response copywriting and online marketing strategy needs.

Direct response marketing is psychology, plain and simple. It's using small business marketing techniques like exclusivity, urgency, scarcity, guilt, and many more to make people act...

And that's where I can help you grow your business...

If You're Writing Your Own Copy You're Leaving Boat-Loads Of Money On The Table...

Maybe you've tried everything imaginable to boost your sales... but you've had little luck. It's frustrating, I know...

And maybe you find yourself becoming angry and resentful about not having the online business success you desire.

"There's a better way to online marketing success"

I understand completely where you're at right now... because I've been there too.

But instead of talking about all the things that are going wrong in your business, I want to help you create and grow your online business so that it brings in a steady SURGE of sales... day-after-day.

After spending years struggling and over $25,000 learning how to market products and services... I’ve developed a unique direct response writing system that produces sales, no matter what niche you happen to be in...

Click here or call 512-913-9858 to sign up for a FREE 30-minute copywriting consultation with me.

To boosting your profits,

Garrett "The Conversion Freak" Strong

My Name Cursive

Direct Response Copywriter

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