Are My Online Marketing And Copy Writing Services A Good Fit For You?

As much as I would love to help every business increase their profits, sometimes my online marketing and copy writing services are just not a good fit...

The truth is not everyone can afford a good direct response copywriter, and I simply won't work with businesses that promote unscrupulous business practices...

As a marketing strategist and copy writer I have a responsibility to uphold ethical standards when it comes to marketing because millions of eyes will see my work. With that said...

We'll Work Together Fine If...

  • You want a copywriter and online marketing strategist with experience who knows how to push people's HOT buttons
  • You want to maximize your ROI by split testing your campaigns
  • You have sufficient website traffic for testing
  • You are open to taking my advice and testing the copy I write for you
  • You know the value a direct response copywriter brings to any business
  • You fully understand the dangers of hiring a copywriter who doesn't know how to market
  • You understand that a direct response copywriter is an investment that will pay off exponentially
  • You want me to provide you copy for A/B split testing
  • You already produce email leads on a regular basis
  • You want me to provide you with ROI maximizing feedback
  • You don't expect to hire a great copywriter at rock-bottom bargain prices
  • You expect me to meet the deadlines we've laid out in the agreement
  • You know your target market and can provide me with insight for the project
  • You want me to communicate with you on the status of your project regularly

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Customer Testimonial

"*Oh My! This copy is excellent... Man I am super impressed!"

Eddie Bauer Jr.
Owner, Sikk Shades

*Results may vary from person to person.