Frequently Asked Questions About My Sales Funnel Copy Writing Services...

  • Q.Are You Qualified To Write Copy For My Sales Funnel?

    A.Read this, then decide. I’ve written and done marketing consulting for over 70 clients and ad agencies including and that their clients raved about for weeks. I’ve served as the “go-to” sales funnel copywriter to “Super Affiliate” Jason Akatiff, who makes a generous $70 million/year with his advertising agency I’m a graduate of American Writers and Artists Inc., the most prestigious direct response copywriting program on the internet… I’ve spent 10 years writing sales funnels for my own businesses and for clients. I’ve studied the great marketing geniuses like Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Mark Ford, and many more… And of course, I have multiple six figure results I’ve gotten clients. One in particular (, I got a 1,650% increase in immediate optin sales.

  • Q.What Kinds Of Sales Funnel Writing Assignments Can You Do?

    A.I work for direct marketers as well as ad agencies to build strategic sales funnels, write sales letters, video sales letters, landing pages, webinars, email marketing, sales funnels, upsell/downsell sequences, and much more… I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from writing a sales letter to gain a $10.5 million investment for a gold mine, to writing landing page copy for exclusive coaching programs… Clients contact me because they aren’t getting the response they want, so I write clear copy that unmistakably provides value, desire, trust, and compels the reader to act (that might be picking up the phone, entering an email, filling out a form, or clicking the buy button)… Does that mean every campaign I write is a slam dunk? No, but if that copywriter exists I would love to meet him…

  • Q.Can You Help With Online Marketing Sales Funnels?

    A.Yes. Many clients I work with want more than just a copywriter… they want a sales funnel strategist who can help them plan and build out their sales funnel… That’s where I excel. I’m not just someone who writes copy, I live and breathe marketing. From the landing page… to the email follow sequence… to the sales page… to the upsell & downsell… to the customer follow up referral sequence… I cover all of the bases… I also provide website critiques, one-on-one coaching, and conversion rate optimization…

  • Q.What Are Your Fees?

    A.For any copywriting project (sales letter, landing page, email autoresponders, custom sales funnel, etc) just contact me here or call me at 512-913-9858 and I’ll send you my schedule of estimated fees. This will give you the typical pricing for most of my projects. I also will work on pay-for-perfomance for the right clients.

  • Q.How Long Will I Wait For Your Copy Writing Services?

    A.I typically require about 10-15 days to complete the sales copy for a client. This is so that I have sufficient time to do research on your company, niche, competitors, etc. So, if I have multiple clients then the wait can sometimes be 60 days before I get to your project. If you need a rush job, just let me know what the deadline is you’ll need it by, and I can guarantee your copy will be ready by this time. (I charge an added rate for rush copy jobs)

  • Q.Will You Do Revisions Of The Copy?

    A.Yes. I will do up to 2 revisions of your copy if needed, at my expense. This comes included with the flat fee we agree to. On monthly retainer jobs and pay-for-performance clients I am constantly writing split test versions of your copy.

  • Q.How Do I Hire You?

    A.Hiring me is simple. All you have to do is contact me by clicking here, or call me at 512-913-9858. I’ll request any information I might need from you (niche details, current sales letters, etc.) to get started. I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out so I get a clear idea of your goals. Next we’ll agree on the fee and deadline, sign a contract, and I’ll be off to the races… It’s important to note that I don’t start any work until the contract has been mutually agreed upon and signed by both parties. This is the professional way to do business, and it will protect me and you from any issues that might arise.

    Ask about my monthly retainer and pay-for-performance options.

  • Q.Why Did You Become A Direct Response Copywriter?

    A.I began marketing online about 10 years ago, and the businesses that I started required that I learn how to write sales pages and upsell pages to sell my own products. From there I fell in love with direct response marketing and haven’t looked back. It’s a passion that I’m glad I found. Not only does it help my clients make more money, it also provides a never ending flood of new information to absorb.

  • Q.What Kind Of Clients Do You Work With?

    A.I’ve worked with clients in many different niches. I’ve written sales letters for non profit organizations as well as built out entire products from the ground up for ad agencies. I’ve written marketing campaigns for public school fundraising events, as well as direct response long form sales letters for a gold mine in Mexico soliciting investors for $10.5 million…

  • Q.What Kind Of Clients Do You Prefer?

    A.My favorite clients to work with are direct marketers. They know how valuable a direct response copywriter can be, so it’s not a shock when they learn I don’t provide my services for rock-bottom prices. A good direct response copywriter is a good marketing consultant and business builder. They are salesmen first and foremost, not just a “copywriter” who writes blog posts or articles. I’ve also worked at various different ad agencies, and the advantage of that is you get to write for many different clients.

  • Q.Can You Write Copy For Websites?

    A.Yes. I write copy for websites, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, and more…

  • Q.Can I See Samples Of Your Work?

    A.Yes. To see my writing portfolio simply click here. I’ve also got many other writing projects I can send you upon request.

  • Q.What Have Others Said About Your Copy?

    A.“Garrett Increased Our Monthly Newsletter Signup Sales By 1,650%!


    “Wow, Garrett has done it again! This was the 5th project we’ve thrown at Garrett and he was able to increase our monthly newsletter signup sales by 1,650%. Best of all, we will continue to make this every month for the forseeable future. If you need more leads, more sales, or more referrals then contact Garrett today. He has yet to let us down.”

    Tom Lascola

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