How To Eliminate Cold Calling Forever, and Automate Your Business Using A “Twist Funnel”

Dear Business Owner or Executive,

If your business relies soley on cold calling to make sales…

If you pay an expensive phone team to do cold calling for you…

Or, if you yourself spend way too much of your working day cold calling prospects…

… Then what I’m about to tell you will undoubtedly be the most important message you ever read for eliminating the frustrating “old” game of cold calling forever, while filling your pockets with more cash than you ever imagined…

How do I know?

Because you’re using a “pursuit marketing” strategy, and that’s by far the most wasteful marketing strategy of all.

FACT: On average, only 1% of cold calls lead to an appointment, and only 1/3 of those lead to a sale.

FACT: Around 99% of all sales will come after a relationship has been established with the decision maker.

FACT: Businesses still pump big money into sales trainers out of sheer habit, and because that’s how they’ve been doing things for years. It’s dumb, dumb, dumb, as you’re about to discover.

Rather than sitting back and letting your prospects come to you prequalified, you’re busy finding lists of businesses to call upon whom you may have little knowledge of their true buying intent.

Sometimes they may be a good fit for what you offer, and sometimes not, but one thing is certain. Selling to people using a pursuit marketing strategy puts you at a major disadvantage.

And, it forces you to miss out on piles and piles and piles of cash.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading and I’ll prove it to you.

But if you ignore this message, beware the consequences. You must know that while you’re busy paying your sales team huge sums of money, smart business owners that once relied heavily on cold calling are already using what I’m about to show you to automate their businesses, so they can have more free time, more family time, more vacation time, and less hassle.

And did I mention untold profits that you’re not currently pocketing because of this HUGE gap in your business?

Cold calling can be the absolute worst, and only if you can force yourself to make it past the dispiriting nature of it, then you can see success, but for how long?

How long can you go on repeating the same sales scripts over and over again? How long can you keep paying a large sales staff that only drains your profits? How long can you keep getting the door slammed in your face before you go crazy?

Have you reached the point where enough is enough?

Have you ever wished there was a simple way to attract qualified buyers, and turn them into automated sales, without having to even pick up a phone?

Whether you believe it or not, there is a simple fix for this type of “quicksand” business model.

What I’m about to tell you is not known by 99% of cold calling businesses out there. This is very exclusive information that will put you in the top 1% of business owners who know this stuff.

I’m being serious. What I’m about to share will give you an unfair advantage like no other business model, strategy, or tactic in the world.

What I’m about to reveal to you is how to make those prospects you’ve been chasing come to you and drink out of your hand like a baby deer. Plus, these are prospects who will be ready and willing to buy what you offer, allowing you to step away from doing hard sales.

What I’m describing to you is known as “attraction” marketing.

Like I said earlier, you’re currently using what’s called “pursuit” marketing, and the difference is night and day.

See, with pursuit marketing you can never position your business the way it deserves to be positioned. Simply put, when you chase someone, whether it be the man or woman of your desires, or another business, in their eyes you become less valuable.

Ever heard of the term “playing hard to get”? You have? Great, because what I’m about to share with you is very heavily based upon that idea.

Let me tell you a story to explain…

There were 2 business owners…

One of the business owners sold water filtration systems to residential neighborhoods. He paid his sales staff a giant sum of money to call upon residential homeowners in the area, and try to assess their water quality.

Then, when they found homeowners who were willing to allow for an in-home water assessment, the outside sales guys would visit them and try to sell them their water filtration systems.

For years the owner, who made cold calls too, had a hard time sleeping at night. He would wake up tossing and turning, and when he tried to fall back asleep, he couldn’t because the only thought he pondered about was how to get out of the cold calling business altogether.

He loved his company, but he wanted to automate his business as much as possible. The only problem was that he just didn’t have the first clue where to start.

So, out of not having a choice, he continued to run his business the way he’d been doing for years. He paid his giant sales staff a fortune to make cold calls day in and day out. He was making a good living, but he wanted to enjoy it more. At the end of the day, he felt like he should be taking home a lot more of the profits than what he was.

His expensive sales staff were taking over half of his potential profits, but as you’ll soon see, this is absolutely unnecessary.

He was using a pursuit marketing strategy because that’s all he knew. He’d seen other companies do it this way for years, so he thought “This must be the way you have to do things”. What he didn’t know is that by positioning his business this way, he was losing out on BIG money.

And his problems were exacerbated by using this pursuit strategy because many of those phone calls his staff were making were getting hung up on, resulting in him coughing up money for sales people even when they weren’t producing.

Not to mention that his turnover rate was sky high among his salespeople.

The thing was that these prospects who hung up on his sales staff could very likely have become a great lead in his sales funnel, and very likely have purchased from him, had he been using a different strategy. And even more than that, if they were to come to him prequalified and predisposed to his messaging, he wouldn’t have to play the game of cat and mouse.

If he’d approached the relationship by first giving them something of value, and gaining their trust through well thought out, personal email follow ups, he would have avoided many years of pain. Same goes if you’re sending “cold emails”.

Remember I talked about “playing hard to get”, and how that mindset completely flips a prospects image of you?

And remember how I talked about how being the “pursuer” lowers your value? Well, if you get this idea, then you stand a good chance at jumping out of the cat and mouse game sooner rather than later, and into playing the value game.

Think about this.

Consumers and companies alike get hounded by salesmen every day to buy their product offerings, and what happens if you’re one of these salesmen? You’re just another face in the crowd, and it’s extremely hard to stand out.

But, what if you could attract these consumers or companies to you, and get them panting in excitement for your products or services? What if you could stop chasing them in desperation? What would your business look like?

Trust Me, You Can Transform Your Business Into An Attraction Marketing Model Faster Than You Think

So, how do you get out of this demoralizing cycle of cold calling, and handing the windfall of your profits over to your sales staff? How do you start “attracting” the right buyers to your business? Well, I’ll explain more in just a minute. Stay with me, deal?

First, let me pose a question to you.

Why don’t surgeons make cold calls?

When you figure this out, then you’ve got a grasp on this concept of “attraction” marketing instead of “pursuit” marketing. Let me answer this for you…

Surgeons don’t make cold calls because there are more people needing them than surgeons who exist. They are unique at what they do, and they charge an incredible amount of money because of that. They have a unique positioning in the market.

They’re not pursuing anyone. People come to them because they can solve a very pressing problem, and they’re lined up down the block to get access to them because of that. Most people see surgeons as very valuable.

But, most business owners aren’t presenting their business as unique, so people don’t place much value on it. You’re just another guy. Most businesses lack a unique selling proposition, so they end up sounding just like the next guy.

And more importantly, many companies stuck in the debilitating cold calling model aren’t using a lead magnet model to collect leads, and convert those leads into buyers. If you had this model working for you right now, even if it was just used as an addition to what you’re already doing with cold call sales, then you’d have a critical advantage over your competitors.

What I’m going to show you doesn’t have to replace your phone sales, like I said. It can be an add-on to attract much more business on autopilot.

Ok. Back to the story.

What about our second business owner? What happened with him?

Well, he implemented what I’m going to show you and he scaled his business up by over 300%. He eliminated his expensive sales staff, and his phone calls were reduced by 90%.

How, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked.

See, business owner #2 started out by selling dealer licenses to people who wanted to sell used cars. His problem was much the same, but a bit different.

He was running Google ads to a landing page where people called in. So he was doing inbound calls. His phone staff were swamped every day. He actually had a thriving business, but his main problem was that he was sick and tired of taking phone calls all day, every day.

He knew that his business could be automated, and he was right.

He started by using a lead collection device, but not just any lead collection device. He identified the #1 problem his market was struggling with, and he answered this problem in a free report.

Now he was building a list of prospects who were coming to him, ready and willing to buy. He was also able to charge more for his services because his sales copy was able to position him as the only viable option to do business with. It completely transformed his business.

And it changed the ability of his business to grow like never before.

That’s because when he was doing things the old way, his sales were governed by how many phone calls his staff could take. As a result he was never able to scale his business to its full potential.

Do I have your attention yet? Are the alarm bells ringing in your brain? Good. Let’s move on.

If you automate your business through what I call a “Twist Funnel”, using the 4 attraction triggers I’ll talk about below, then you’ll have no problem scaling up your business, while eliminating unnecessary costs.

Once this is all in place, it simply becomes a matter of turning on and turning off ads. And by having a sales letter in place, you multiply your sales team by 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 or more.

A “Twist Funnel” includes having a lead magnet report that “attracts” your ideal prospects to sign up on your email list, converting immediate buyers on the thank you page, following up by providing uniquely valuable emails, and sending that traffic to a long form sales letter that positions you as the only viable option in the market.

If the first business owner had this in place, had it optimized, and put his money towards paying for ads, rather than paying for an expensive sales team, then he’d be in the position to grow his business immeasurably.

But, some business owners don’t want to hear that there’s a better way. They’re content with doing things the old way. The hard way.

This letter isn’t for them. This letter is only for business owners who are sick and tired of cold calling, and are ready for a change.

Hi, my name is Garrett Strong.

I’m a direct response copywriter (in-print salesman), and a marketing consultant.

I write sales letters, I do email marketing, I write end to end sales funnel copy, I do marketing strategy, and that’s just the start. I’m writing you today because I don’t want you to keep suffering at the hands of your telephone. There is a much better way to do business.

Turn your “pursuit” marketing strategy into an “attraction” marketing strategy. It can be done quicker than you think.

I want to tell you about “Twist Funnels”, and the 4 attraction triggers that can set your business free, and allow you to profit like never before.

Let’s talk about the 4 attraction triggers that can completely transform and automate your business like never before.

Trigger #1: Developing a lead magnet

Lead magnets, when done right (most of the time they’re not), can absolutely take your business to a new level. Here’s why.

When you can identify a pressing problem that your market is experiencing, and then solve that problem better than anyone else out there, and do it in a 5 or 10 page report, you become the preferred provider.

There’s no question about it.

When you can blow somebody’s mind with information that you gave them for free, you have gained a follower and a friend for life. Lead magnets create reciprocity.

The term “lead magnet” might be misleading to some, so we’ll just call it what it really is… a gift you give someone in return for them providing their contact information. It could be a report, video, webinar, cd, etc. Anything that gives value, and preferably solves an urgent problem.

Their purpose is simple. To gather the contact information of a certain target audience so you can follow up with them. Why follow up?

Well, studies prove that 80% of a companies’ sales will come between the 5th and 12th contact with that business or consumer. Many studies have been done on this, and if you’d like proof you can check out

Lead collection is the smart way to do business. You don’t have to hound people on the phone to collect hot leads. The leads come to you through the use of your “lead magnet”.

Trigger #2: One time offer page

This is the “twist” in “Twist Funnel”. With 99% of the thank you pages you see (the page someone sees after they enter their information to request your lead magnet), there is no attention paid to converting those leads into immediate buyers.

In fact, most thank you pages just say “Thanks, we’ll be in touch”, or some other dumb saying that does nothing to create a sale. Mostly this is because people don’t know what to say here to get people to immediately commit to buying.

See, a certain % of leads will want to buy what you’re offering immediately. You just have to present it the right way. And as a direct response copywriter, that’s what I do.

Trigger #3: Email follow up sequence

Email follow up sequences are where the money is at. When you can stay on top of the minds’ of your prospects regularly, they’re more likely to build a relationship with you.

And when they build a relationship with you, it makes them trust you. When they trust you it’s easy for them to open their wallets to you.

I use a multitude of email marketing strategies, but one in particular works extremely well. I call it my “5 Day Blast” sequence.

This “5 Day Blast” sequence is specifically designed to take as many of those new leads and convert them to immediate buyers as soon as possible.

Why do I keep going on about converting leads to immediate buyers? Well, because studies have shown that when you can get someone to pay you money, even if it’s $1, then they are 10 to 20 times more likely to buy from you again. And much more likely to buy your more expensive stuff.

The idea here is that, you don’t want to bring in a new lead, and immediately sell them on your $2,000 product. 99% of the time you’ll get a big fat no. That’s because there is no relationship. They don’t trust you.

So, start by making a modest transaction with them. $10 or $20. Nothing too big, unless they’re absolutely ready for it. Only after this should you go for the big sale.

Trigger #4: Long Form Sales Page

The fourth and final attraction trigger is to send your email leads over to a long form sales page.


Because for pricier products and services, long form copy will kick the shit out of any short form copy any day. And don’t listen to the idiot copywriters who try to tell you otherwise. They’re just lazy, or they don’t know how to write one.

I’ve tested both short and long form sales copy, and long wins 95% of the time.

Hey, if one of the best copywriters ever to live, who’s responsible for billions in sales, sold a $5,000 product using an 80 page sales letter, and he couldn’t keep the product in stock, then I’m all in.

That’s scientific advertising. I go by the numbers, and I know that a long form sales page is necessary to get the most sales of your products and services. It allows for market positioning like nothing else will. And, like I said, if you have a product or service that is on the pricier side, it allows you to sell it much easier.

Now, not every product or service is a good fit for selling on a long form sales page, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this system I’m teaching you. You can, and with stunning results.

For example, if you sold home water purification systems like we talked about earlier, then you can certainly attract the right quality of leads using a lead magnet. You could create a free report titled “Is Your Water Damaging Your Soft Hair? 5 secrets that can reduce your hard water immediately”

See how easy that is? Now you’re collecting a lead pool of people who have hard water. You can even take it a step further. You can offer to give them a free in-home water analysis as soon as they optin, or you can sell them a $10 home water testing kit that will tell them the mineral content of their water, so they’ll know how urgent their problem is.

Then tell them if their water reads a certain mineral level, they need to call immediately. You can tell them how expensive their repair will be if they don’t do something soon. “You’ll have to replace your dishwasher, hot water heater, pipes, etc. Or, you can buy one of our water purification systems.”

So, you see. Just using attraction trigger #1 in itself can do wonders for your business.

If you’re tired of doing the whole cold calling thing, and you’d like to automate your business, then let’s talk. Doing nothing is just not an option if you’re already starting to feel burned out.

Things will only get worse as time goes by. Trust me. I can help you put a system in place that automates your entire selling process, and you don’t even have to stop doing cold calls at this point if you don’t want to.

We can simply get this system in place for you, get it optimized and producing, and then when you start to see results you can decide if you want to keep your phone staff. You just need to take the first step.

If this interests you, then let my team and I help you. We can jump on a 30 minute phone consultation. I do ask for a $20 deposit simply to weed out the tire kickers and time wasters.

You may qualify to work with me if:

• You’re doing at least $500K per year in gross sales
• You’re willing to take my marketing and copywriting advice
• You’re open to trying new marketing strategies

If you think you qualify then simply contact me here. Use the subject “Consultation”, and I’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

Like I said, I do require a $20 deposit for consultations. If we don’t decide to work together then I’ll return your deposit immediately after the call. However, if we do work together then I’ll just deduct that from the price.

To increasing your sales,






Garrett Strong

P.S. I’m serious. If you want to automate your business, and eliminate the nightmare of cold calling, then contact me for a consultation. We’ll talk about what’s frustrating you in your business, and how to best remedy that so you can have more peace of mind.

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