Here's How My Online Marketing Services Can Help You Grow Your Business Faster!

I offer business owners and entrepreneurs many different online marketing services including, but not limited to:

One-On-One Coaching

Hiring a one-on-one coach who has the real world chops to make it as a direct response copywriter, and who has built several successful businesses online is the fast track way to online business success. The "Golden Nuggets" I'll share with you in my personal coaching are priceless for helping you create and grow your online business, and you'll ramp up your business faster than you thought possible...

When you hire me as a coach to help you grow your online business... we'll work together to strategize a marketing plan that brings you RED-HOT targeted leads who then become your loyal followers, hanging on every word you say...

We'll set your business up in a way that commands respect and loyalty, as well as motivate your crowd of prospects to literally elbow eachother out of the way to buy what you offer...

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Professional copy-writing services

Expert salesmanship in print is what a direct response copywriter does. It's what sells and makes people take action to buy your products and services...

Many ad agencies don't get this, and so their writers rely on "hope" marketing when writing copy for clients. It's dangerous and stupid to assume that just because someone calls themselves a copywriter, it supposed to mean they know how to sell...

Bullshit! That's why direct response copywriters get paid very well. It's because they have spent years learning to market businesses, and learning how to use powerful words to get people to buy what you're offering now...

Below are some of the sales-producing copy writing services I offer. This list isn't comprehensive, so if you need some sales copy written for other projects I can do those as well.

  •     Sales letters
  •     Video sales letters
  •     Stick Letters
  •     Referral Campaigns
  •     Webinars
  •     Email Marketing
  •     Web Pages
  •     Entire Website Writing
  •     Full sales funnels
  •     Upsell Pages
  •     Downsell Pages
  •     Display Ads
  •     Adwords Ads
  •     Adwords Landing Pages
  •     And much more

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Website Critiques

Do you have a website, webpage, or series of webpages you need me to give you feedback on so you turn more readers into customers?

I'll put your website through my rigorous 88 point conversion checklist, and give you feedback on your copy. You'll get advice on what needs to change in order to overhaul your business and boost your sales.

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8 Hour Sales Funnel

Do you have a fully automated sales funnel in place in your business? If not, you're leaving piles of cash on the table. When you hire me to help build your sales funnel, we'll spend the entire day together (just you and me with no outside distractions).

We'll begin our day by mapping out your lead magnet, your tripwire offer, your core offer, your high-end upsell offers, your email follow up sequence, webinar sequence, and how to implement all of it.

It's basically an entire day of awesome business building!

By 5 pm you might feel a little overwhelmed, but you will have a high converting sales funnel in place that can bring you profits for years to come.

Every business needs a strategically designed sales funnel to MAXIMIZE profits, reduce refunds, and blow your competitors out of the water.

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