The Reverse Cold Calling Formula

A Proven Formula That FORCES Decision Makers To Listen Intentely To YOUR Phone Calls, Without Getting Angry, Annoyed, or Hanging Up The Phone…

Dear Friend,

If you’re tired of being categorized as a pest by your prospects…

If you and your staff are sick of getting hung up on…

If you hate the thought of cold calling, but you do it because you don’t have a choice…

Or if you feel like you’ve tried everything to increase your cold calling results, but you keep getting the same dismal sales numbers…

Then what I’m about to reveal to you could be the most groundbreaking message you ever read…

Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time there was a sales negotiator.

He was arguably the greatest negotiator to ever live.

His name? Jim Camp.

He started cold calling when he was selling water purification systems door to door as a young man (an even tougher cold calling field altogether).

He spent 6 weeks walking up and down neighborhood streets, trying to sell these water purification systems to consumers.

He did everything all the sales “gurus” told him to do.

  • Approach them at the door with excitement
  • Get pumped up about the product you’re selling, so customers will see your enthusiasm
  • Be a bull who’s ready to pounce
  • Ask questions like “Does that not sound like an unbelievable deal to you?”
  • And, of course, always be closing

He was up to his neck in strategies, and his strategy was simple.

When someone would answer the door, Jim would kindly ask if they had hard water. If they said yes, then he’d give his pitch.

He did this over, and over, and over again to hundreds of prospects.

But, the sales never came. In fact, at the end of 6 weeks doing door to door cold selling, Jim had made ZERO sales. Nada.

He got so sick and tired of getting the door slammed in his face, and getting told no, that he almost gave up. He was quickly going broke. He prayed and prayed for an answer, and then suddenly, a turning point came.

Out of severe frustration, Jim decided to try something a little different. So, he knocked on the door of the next house, and when the woman answered Jim simply said… “I don’t know if your water is making your hair feel grainy or not? If not, then I’ll just get out of here.”

Something incredible happened.

He was invited inside to talk about his water purification system. And guess what? He finally sold one! This had never before happened to Jim, and it was mostly by accident.

But what’s even more incredible is this…

Jim started getting more sales than he’d ever imagined, even from the people who had previously slammed the door in his face.


What was it that made such a difference?

Hi, my name is Garrett Strong.

I’m a marketing consultant, direct response copywriter, and sales funnel strategist.

But wait, you say… “You’re not a cold calling “guru”, so why should I listen to you?”

If you’re wondering what makes me qualified to talk about sales and marketing, let me show you some results I’ve gotten my clients, so at least you know I’m not blowing hot air up your ass.

In a recent job I was contacted by the CEO of They’d created a product (an investment trading course) that just wasn’t selling.

The CEO didn’t have a clue where to begin to start making people buy. She was frustrated because she’d spent all this time building a product, but had no means to sell it.

People just didn’t care. They paid no attention to the product at all, and worst of all, she was trying to sell this $1,497 course just by using a few bulleted lines of benefits. It was now wonder her sales were non-existent.

So, I recommended she take the course off the market immediately, and we do a product launch. The marketing campaign stretched out for a month because we had to warm prospects up to her and her coming offer.

Now, mind you this was a $1,497 product. No small feat to get someone to pull out their wallet and put that amount of money on their card. In fact, very few copywriters have the marketing chops to sell a product for even $97.

But, they did pull out their wallets, and the campaign produced…

$40,237 In Just 7 Days!

Now, maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot to you if your company is making 7 figures a year, but we’re talking about a product that nobody had bought up to that point, with a limited number of leads, no joint venture partners, and I didn’t even vet those leads.

We simply sold to the leads she had. I had no way of knowing if they were quality leads, or even serious investors for that matter. But the same thing could be applied to any business, in any niche, with much more explosive results depending on the lead pool size and quality.

Here’s What The CEO of had to say…

I’ve worked as the head conversion rate optimizer at Saleamp in Austin, TX (a pay-for performance ad agency)… whose clients ranged from Beachbody to Dell Computers…

During my time there I managed to get some incredible results that their clients raved about for weeks, one being Eddie Bauer Jr. and his Sikkshades company, but after a while I grew tired of working with clients who would constantly get in the way of their own success.

So, I moved on to doing freelance direct response copywriting, marketing consulting, and sales funnel strategy for my own clients. Here’s a list of some of them…


When the CEO over at (a continuing education company for massage therapists) contacted me about their lack of optins and sales, I identified the problem that was ailing them in about 2 minutes.

They were collecting leads through a “signup for our newsletter” box. After explaining to them what bad conversions those types of optin offers have, I developed a new approach.

They had been offering a 10% off coupon for new subscribers, but hardly anyone was using it. They were making around $400/month off of this coupon.

I started by asking the CEO what he thinks massage therapists really want, so we can give them that. He thought for a while, and then I suggested that we offer them a free report titled “6 Secrets To Attract and Retain More Clients”.

Up to that point, he and his staff were so tied up in their own business that they couldn’t put themselves in the shoes of their customers, and they were simply focused on selling more of the products they have.

They had not put any thought into first providing value to the market, and building the reciprocity required to get people to pay you money. That was my first goal. Give, give, give up front until they feel an overwhelming desire to give back.

This is just one approach among many that I use. I then created the report, and a one-time offer sales page that people landed on after they opted in for this new report. With that I wrote a 5 day follow up email sequence to go with it.

The result? They went from making a measly $400/month with a coupon offer that didn’t give people a reason to act now, to making $7,000/month off the new offer I wrote.

That’s a 1,650% Increase In Sales!

This is just one tactic for growing sales that I use with my clients. Copywriting is only a small part of what I do. I’m a marketing consultant and sales funnel strategist dealing in every area of direct response marketing and business growth. After 10 years of doing this, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

You probably know there are a lot of so-called “marketing wizards” out there making big claims who never intend on delivering results. And don’t even get me started on the big ad agencies. I worked for one, so I can attest that the main goal of an ad agency isn’t to get you results. No, not at all.

Their main goal is to sign you up to a long term contract so they can suck more money out of you, regardless of the results. And they likely won’t get you results. They don’t have staff equipped to get real marketing results. If they do hire someone to get you results, it’s coming from an outside marketing consultant or copywriter who knows what they’re doing.

They couldn’t be bothered with paying a real marketing consultant to be on staff. Mainly because they couldn’t afford it.

So, instead they have really high client churn rates, and the goal becomes to keep bringing more clients in, keep making promises they can’t keep, and you walk away with no results.

The kind of marketing I do, direct response marketing, typically has a 3x to 10x return on investment due to the scientific nature of direct response marketing. Never let an agency convince you that what they do can compete with a copywriter or marketing consultant.

Trust me, you will regret it.

Madison Avenue marketing (think Super Bowl ads) has no way to measure the results of their marketing campaigns, whereas direct response gives you immediate feedback and much more bang for your buck.

As a result of having no knowledge of direct response marketing (results-based marketing), the ad agencies resort to convincing their clients to run “cutesy” or “funny” ads that, while they might be entertaining, produce little sales results.

And the only way a “funny” Doritos ad can measure their results is by looking at market share movements half a year down the road.

When the rubber meets the road, never leave your marketing budget in the hands of idiots who would rather make people laugh (while pleasing their egos) instead of going for the jugular and doing some real selling.

I have multiple references of six figure results I’ve helped businesses attain.

When hired me to increase their optins they were also using a “signup for our newsletter” popup. There is nothing specific in an offer like this. No promise to solve a problem. So, being a liver health supplement company, I wrote a report called “The Liver Detox Blueprint” detailing which foods to eat and which to avoid for liver health.

Before the report they were seeing a .48% optin rate. Very poor, and I told them we can do much better. I changed their popup form from “Sign up to our newsletter” to a popup form that simply asked a question.


Then when they click yes, they get this optin form…


This worked fantastically well due to the multi-step, micro commitment process. As a result they saw a 137% increase in their optins. That is game changing for a company when you think about the back end value of a lead.

In fact, when I rewrote Eddie Bauer Jr’s entire site “”, he was so SHOCKED at the sales copy I delivered to him he wrote the following:

“Oh My! This copy is excellent… Man I am super impressed!”

– Eddie Bauer Jr, Sikk Shades

Ok, enough about me. I just wanted you to know that I’m not one of these slimy guys or ad agencies who couldn’t sell water to a desert dweller.

Back to my story…

Jim discovered that not every sales strategy works the way these “gurus” claim. In fact, what Jim discovered in private meetings with many of the most well-known sales trainers is that they don’t even apply what they teach in the real world.

They sell people on the “sexy” tactics, even if they’d never use them themselves. They actually told Jim that they would NEVER approach a boardroom with the hard selling tactics they teach.

In other words, you don’t walk into a Fortune 500 boardroom and close anybody on anything, especially using these so called “sales tactics”. That’s not the real world, and those hard selling tactics just won’t work effectively.

So, what Jim later discovered and wrote about in his book “Start with No” is that if you want people to listen to you, whether it’s cold calling or door-to-door selling, then you have to give people an out.

Allow the other person to be in control. It puts them at ease, and they’re much more likely to entertain you.

Let me put you in a familiar situation

You’re browsing the wallets in a department store, and hovering just over you is a salesperson. Your anxiety level starts to rise a bit because you’re already annoyed. Then, another minute goes by and they go in for the kill.

They ask you “Can I help you with something?”, and your canned response is the same one we’ve all been conditioned to say, which is “No thanks, I’m just looking.”

You knew she was coming from a mile away. You sniffed her out.

So, this “pest” has now had to back off (at least for a couple minutes), but they’ll be back. Now you’re browsing the hats and you start to see her closing in again. You want to smack her and tell her to get the hell away, but since you’re so kind you repeat the phrase “No thanks, I’m just looking.”

Then, just as you’re about to leave you can sense her almost glaring at you with deceitful eyes. She wanted that commission, and we knew it.

Then the process repeats with every salesperson you come in contact with. You’re so sick of it, and it makes you so uncomfortable, you’re reluctant to put yourself into a buying situation.

Now think about cold calling…

Those people on the other end of the phone that you’re cold calling feel the same way about you. They don’t look forward to talking to you because they know what you want.

They’ve become as sharp as a tack when it comes to recognizing sales people. They can smell you from a mile away. But, what if there was a way you could get that person to LOVE you for calling?

Well, my friend. That’s why I’m writing you today.

To give you an explosively effective second option to how you do cold calling. Here it is…

Approach your communications with an underlying desire to SHUT THE HELL UP and let them talk. After you ask the right questions (which I’ll reveal below), just listen.

If the female salesperson had just said something like “I don’t know if you need any help finding stuff, but if so I’ll be right over here”, she’d have much less stress, and more sales.

And the shopper would think… “Good, that’s great, actually!”

“I’m not being pursued by someone while I shop. Now I can relax and enjoy this experience.” Then, if the shopper does have questions about stuff, they won’t hesitate to go ask her. It brings the shopper closer to the salesperson, and maybe, just maybe, they might actually want to buy something from them.

If she had done this she would have made herself more valuable, and shoppers would enjoy the buying experience. But you say, “no, no, that isn’t right”.

“I have to find out up front if they want to buy what I’m offering so that I’m not wasting my time. After all, I’ve got to make those 100 cold calls a day to meet my 1% sales conversion rate.” Am I right?

That’s looking at it all wrong.

What if you could get a 10%, 20%, or 30% sales conversion rate just by changing your mindset about cold calling?

You wouldn’t have to make so many calls.

Look, don’t try to tell the person on the other end of the phone about the benefits of what you’re selling. Don’t try to tell them about your amazing guarantee. Don’t have the attitude that you NEED this sale. Don’t do any of the garbage that many sales trainers teach about cold calling.

(I’m making the assumption here that you’ve already made it past the gatekeeper, and you’re speaking with the decision maker.)


The reason good sales copy is so effective at growing a business is because it starts with the prospects world

It starts by talking about them, and what’s affecting them at a deep level.

But most salespeople don’t do that. They have one thing in mind. Get the sale. And it DESTROYS their chances at real success.

That’s because most people see sales as something you actively do. It’s an activity in most people’s minds. “I’m going to make those 100 calls today, and I’m going to sell, sell, sell.”

Sorry to say. That just isn’t going to cut it.

Think about this.

The safest place you can EVER be is in somebody else’s world because people love to talk about their own problems. People are deeply concerned about their own issues, so if you go right into your sales pitch, they won’t give a shit.

However, ask a severe back pain sufferer how it’s affecting their life, then shut up and just listen. Just nod your head. What you’ll discover is that they’ll open up to you, maybe for hours if you let them.

Listen for long enough and they’ll tell you about their family, their work life, their hobbies, and more.

An interesting side note…

Famed marketing consultant Jay Abraham was once consulting with a top U.N. official, and all he did was listen to the guy’s problems. He didn’t say anything during the entire conversation.

It was all about this guy and his problems.

When the conversation ended, this official told Jay “You know, you’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met!” How is this possible? He didn’t say a thing about himself.

That’s because being someone who truly listens is one of the rarest qualities you’ll ever find in a person. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and when you’re the person who shows complete and total interest in another person, you become the rarity.

They open up to you. You build a relationship just by asking questions and listening. And the primary driver of any sale is building a relationship.

But you have to ask the right questions. Most stupid sales people go on asking questions that move them farther and farther away from the sale.

When I was 16 years old taking a defensive driving class, the instructor told us a story about a pregnant woman who got in a head on collision. The seatbelt forced her to abort the baby early, and they both died on impact.

He told us another story about a guy that wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and with a minor collision, his nose was sliced off by the rearview mirror.

What the instructor was doing was creating vision in our minds.

But, here’s the important takeaway. Without creating a vision, most people simply won’t act. For example, the government can make seatbelt laws all day long, but many people still don’t care. They won’t wear them.

However, create a vision in that person’s mind about what will happen if they don’t wear it, and people will think twice.

Here’s how this applies to cold calling.

What you need to do is ask decision makers questions that create a vision in their minds’.

  • “If you don’t fix your marketing funnel now, what will your business look like in 5 years?”
  • “If you continue to use your outdated software, what will the effect be on your business 6 months down the road?”

Asking these types of open ended questions about his world creates a vision of the problem in their mind, and gets them thinking. It’s all about his world. NOT about what you’re selling!

Don’t be that girl in the store who walks up and immediately asks for the sale, without giving value up front. Providing value can be as simple as asking questions and shutting the hell up.

Most sales people get in their own way by talking too much. Shut up and listen.

That female salesperson might get a few sales, but smart sales people who know how to apply the skill of relationship building will FAR outperform her.

Remember, people don’t give a shit about you, what you need, how many sales you need to meet your goal, none of it! They care about themselves. Physically and emotionally. On a deep level.

That girl made it all about her need to make money, and not about the shopper’s experience.

Remember, Jim got into their world by asking if their water is affecting their hair quality, and he started getting invited in.

Again, the safest place you can EVER be is in someone else’s world.

I hope you’ll test this out because it ISN’T another sales strategy. This is big picture stuff.

To increasing your sales,

Garrett Strong

P.S. If you’re a business owner, CEO, or executive who wants to grow your sales, then contact me here and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together. You must be doing at least $500K to qualify.

P.P.S. One last thing. If you would like to absolutely eliminate cold calling from your business forever, and automate your business using what I call a “Twist Funnel”, checkout this article.

How To Eliminate Cold Calling Forever, and Automate Your Business Using A “Twist Funnel”



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